Look Outside Yourself

  • If you could Give MORE & you knew you wouldn’t fail?

  • What would you give?

  • What could you give?

  • Who would you give this to & or for?

  • Could you look outside yourself & see a need?

  • How could you personally make a difference in someone’s life?

Of course you can! And, what if everyone on the planet asked themselves this one simple question, “what could I give today that could impact someone outside of myself and how would that impact the world?

Maybe for you, it’s giving of your time. Maybe, it’s giving of your talent or maybe it’s giving of your treasure. Time, talent & treasure, are a trifecta of 3 gifts each of us were born with. Recognize this & if you don’t already, seek it out with reckless abandon and you yourself will not only be blessed but you will be a blessing to others.

Let’s explore each now!

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